About Us

LACHL was launched in January 2005 by families who all share a common bond, they have one or more children with hearing loss. LACHL Officers and Chairpeople volunteer their time throughout the year to support families with deaf/hard of hearing children. We create networking opportunities at our monthly meetings and family events. In addition, we offer educational speakers who share their knowledge regarding topics such as hearing loss, education, advocacy, etc. to better equip families with the tools they'll need to help their child.

LACHL Officers
LACHL Chairpeople
President - Steve Ligon
Treasurer - Lisa Smith
Vice-President -
Open Position**
Secretary -
Open Position**
Marketing Chairperson - Ronna Rosenberg

Fundraising Chairperson -
Open Position**

**If you'd like to give of your time or talent and volunteer for LACHL, please indicate your interest by sending an email to mailbox@loudounhearing.org. We need to fill our open positions, however, if you'd like to give of your time or talent in other ways, we welcome your help!

Read A Note from Steve Ligon, the new LACHL President:.