Welcome to the web site for the Loudoun Association for Children with Hearing Loss (LACHL). Our association was launched in January 2005 by parents of D/HOH infants and school-aged children in Loudoun County, Virginia. Our goal is to help strengthen and support families of D/HOH infants and school-aged children through networking and sharing information about the issues that face our children.

"I joined LACHL because I find other parents of deaf & hard of children fascinating! And their kids are remarkable, too! We need each other for encouragement, understanding, advice and advocacy for their unique needs." -- Jackie Busa

"LACHL has ended our isolation, and empowered us to contribute meaningfully to making the long-overdue policy changes that will bring Loudoun's services for the deaf and hard of hearing out of the 19th century and into the 21st. -- Susan Maitra

"This association has not only helped me by giving me a great deal of information and support, but it has also helped my daughter by letting her know she is not the only child in Loudoun County that wears a hearing aid.We love this group and we are doing our best in bettering our kids , we've joined some craft groups such as Proffesional Leather SewingKnitting and everything in between." -- Maureen Larsen

"I joined LACHL to explore ways of supporting my granddaughter who was born deaf." -- S. Ann Robinson

Feedback about the web site is encouraged. Please email comments to mailbox@loudounhearing.org.